Here and now in our time

We remember our God

Who made us and loved us

And gave us Christ the Son

So we come in the love

Of the one who made us free

We stand in one accord

To redeem the desolation

Of our land and generation

As we walk with the Lord

We shall rise and shine as the light

We shall lift the weary hands up that hangs down

We shall raise the feeble knee that stoops to fall

As we call upon the Lord

What He tells us we shall do

And we shall keep this vision burning

As we walk with the Lord

In the days of our youth,

We remember our God,

Who gave us this Nation

And the blessings we receive,

So we give Him our lives

And the worship He deserves,

We move in one accord,

In His Holiness and Power

To redeem our Generation,

Till He comes again.