THE DYNAMIC SOLDIER: Irreplaceable/Excellent/Creative. (Proverbs 12:24; 10:4, 2 Thessalonians 3:6-12 NIV, Acts 18:1-4 NIV)

Apostle Paul redefined the traditional view of who, what and how a believer interfaces with the reality and demands of an active ministry man with a career. Not only was he skilled in the knowledge of God’s word, he was well skilled in his craft. This is a model worth emulating.

We live in times where the need for men who are both spirit filled and skilled is on the increase. Yet, the growth rate is alarmingly low. One of the many reasons for this is the lack of a dynamic culture amongst us.

Whilst the debate as to whether dynamism should be incorporated is on going, we see clearly from the life of Apostle Paul that our call is to be relevant both in the kingdom and in the world, taking up the excellency of God and shining His light in our various spheres of influence.

It is not enough to be a soldier, you must be one with a difference, a dynamic one; positive in attitude and full of energy and new ideas. This in itself is a game changer. It separates you from the crowd and glorifies God in whom mediocrity doesn’t exist.

The concept of being a dynamic soldier is active and largely seen in his creativity, excellence and irreplaceability.

A perk of being dynamic is that the individual has his creative juices; the ability to create something out of his imagination or original ideas, flowing. Regardless how difficult a situation is, he is quick to come up with ideas that proffer solutions and such solutions are only excellent!

Any individual with these qualities creative and excellent will only be described as irreplaceable; too special, unusual, or valuable to replace with something or someone else. Wherever he finds himself, he is seen as a great addition to his team. He isn’t stagnant or passive but quickly rises up the responsibilities.

Dear brothers, this is who God is calling you to become, a dynamic soldier. Yes, you’ve sworn allegiance to the King, yes, you are devoted to His kingdom. But, no, He doesn’t want you mediocre because in Him dwells all things dynamic and the least you can be in your academics, career, skills, business, etc is to be dynamic.

Don’t be a lazy soldier! Get up! Give due diligence to your job! Learn a skill! Be creative! Learn the culture of excellence!

God’s call for you is a call to be dynamic; creative, excellent and irreplaceable. In this quarter, dear soldier. You must awake unto all that you truly are and can be.

Learn from the apostle, Paul, be dynamic yet spirit filled.

God bless you!