Raising an army of Righteousness

Theme Scriptures: 2 Timothy 2:1-14, 20-26

Apostle Paul speaking to his son and fellow servant Timothy explains to him who a good soldier is and what he does. Firstly, whoever is in this army has been recruited by Christ through the process of salvation. So this soldier is already a believer. The aim of the tenure focus is to raise good soldiers (men) who pleases the commanding officer (Christ) in all of their time of service to Him, therefore producing good works (Righteousness) as a lifestyle.

Theme for the First Quarter (January to March)

The Enduring Soldier (2 Timothy 2:3)

The first thing Paul said about being a soldier is to endure hardness/hardship. As soldiers we are part of an army (God’s Army), we are not free to enjoy luxuries and involvement in civilian affairs that are capable of interfering with our objectives. To endure means to stand our ground, hold out, face oppositions head on, enduring in hope for our master Christ Jesus.

All through scriptures, we were not told it will be easy that’s why we must stand firm as good soldiers of Christ, partaking in his sufferings for the price promised.

Standing up against covetousness, laziness, immorality, sexuality, indiscipline etc. that eats up young men/believers and fellow soldiers in this age. God is raising us up as an army that will live out righteousness daily. It’s a conscious and a willing work/walk. The choice is yours to make.

One major way to stand and endure as a soldier is to rely on the grace of God (Your commander) which is sufficient for us all (2 Corinthians 12:9). It is important that we rely on God’s strength and power rather than ours. To be strong in God’s grace is to rely on the grace of God to give you strength for the situation, no matter what it may be.

We access God’s grace by resting on His word, trusting in His word only. A soldier of righteousness says to himself, God has said it and I’m hanging my life on it (Proverbs 3:5-6).  It is similar to a soldier who must listen to the last instruction from his commander and then he holds on to it, nothing more nothing less.

We keep growing in the Grace of God when we remain connected to Him (The Commander) and keep listening to His command by simply fellowshipping with Him in the place of PRAYERS AND THE INDEPTH STUDY OF HIS WORD ALONE.

If we keep doing this and keep trusting Him, we would become good soldiers who daily endure hardship/hardness.

Note soldier: Situations in our lives must never speak louder than God’s word in our lives. Be an enduring soldier… Endure hardness

 Ighodaro Etinosa Israel
 Your Fellow Soldier,
 In the army of Righteousness
 Signing out for now
 Battalion 001
 NEC 20-22 

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