A little here, and a little there


In 1990, ten girls from Federal Government Girl’s College (FGGC) Calabar, Cross River State were led of God to put a lasting solution to the predominant problem, which plagued their students. They discovered that students who had been hallmarks of integrity and undaunted devotion to God and who had been examples to their junior students were becoming opposites of all these after they graduated from college. The junior students were becoming deeply worried that what had happened to their role models would also happen to them.


These ten girls met and shared the burden of the
vision with Brother Ubong Jesse Daniel, who regularly preaches in their
college’s chapel, who at that time was a student of the University of
Calabar College of Medical Sciences, Cross River State, Nigeria and also
an ex-Student of Federal Government College (FGC) Kano. The girls began
to write letters to other Federal Government Colleges to inform them of
the initiative.
The young man provided the girls with a rubber stamp and
writing materials for the letters. He also wrote the FECA Anthem and
the motto of FECA. Upon leaving school in 1990, the group of ten girls
(Senior Secondary School three students) decided to correspond with each
other through letters to encourage one another in the Lord and in
maintaining the high standards of integrity and righteousness. They also
kept corresponding with other students who lived outside Calabar. The
plan for letter writing soon evolved into weekly meetings. They also
mobilized their peers in other states to start their weekly meetings.


Brethren from Port Harcourt and those in Benin City had on their own started an identical meeting, and when they heard about the group in Calabar named FECA, they changed their names and aligned themselves fully with the vision. Meetings also began in Enugu, Lagos, and Akure as other ex-students of various Federal Government Colleges became aware of this initiative. Consequent of this, the name Federal Ex-students’ Christian Association was adopted and the association was officially inaugurated in 1991 in Calabar, Cross River State. Upon registration with Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria in 2008, the association was officially registered and known as Federation of Colleges Ex-Students’ Christian Association (FECA).