Upholding the Truth
1 Samuel 12

As FECAites, an integral part of our makeup is our firm belief in our nation, Nigeria which propels us into becoming agents of transformation and so we run yearly with the intent of God for us as a people for our nation. This season, the Lord will have us evolve and be His representatives who are resolved to Uphold the Truth.

To uphold the truth as defined is to maintain, affirm, or defend against opposition or challenge. It means to give moral support or inspiration. No doubt the state of affairs of the nation leaves little or no room for faithfulness yet it behoves us to maintain that which we have believed to be true.

By so doing, we prove scriptures true that “there remained a few who have not bowed to Baal”. We owe it to God who is our standard for truth, ourselves and the society to live rightly, speak boldly and fearlessly defend the truth.

Upholders of the truth are those who will choose to stand up against the crowd and assert the principles we are called to live by rather than cower in the face of fear. Shedrack, Meschach, and Abednego instead of worshipping strange gods chose to uphold the truth, declaring boldly “…even if He doesn’t save us we still won’t bow”.

What conviction they had, ready to give up their life – for us it may be the things that please us, to defend the truth they have believed. This is who God is calling us to become – fearless, bold, active upholders of the truth in a rapidly decaying world.

Yes, the world is getting messier by the day but we have a greater advantage, the help of the Holy Spirit, empowering us to live rightly. So, make up your mind to be an upholder of the truth. Where you find yourself, let your actions be as light shining brightly and pointing men back to the Father.

A new Nigeria is possible when you chose to defy all odds and uphold the truth. A New Nigeria Begins with you.