1 John 5:4-5, Revelations 3:21

The move of God for every season is geared towards a goal. Till the goal is met, lessons, training, pruning etc., form the framework of the process. Because He is deliberate about the processes, God always seeks to acquaint His children with His dealings and desires per time.

As a body, throughout this tenure, God who is always good and is intentional in raising sons has led us thru several pieces of training that are shaping us into His intent.

Over the past 2 years, we have journeyed life-defining moments from; NLT, Abuja2021 with the theme ABIDE where the foundation of our work with God was laid; staying with His presence till He is formed in us thru the various Regional conventions to the just concluded NLR, Abia2022 themed EARNESTLY CONTENDING; for the faith, we received especially in present-day society.

And now, with gladness in our heart, we approach the end of a phase, soldiers who have fought and remain to stand, we anticipate, the 14th National Convention themed OVERCOMERS!

This is our victory, Christ has overcome and by our staying (Abiding) and refusal to get dragged by the level of immaturity of society, we are OVERCOMERS!

This is set to be a time of our lives, the time of our lives! Stay prayed up, stay eager, the set time to enter into the reward is here!