(Isaiah 62:6-9, 21:5-8, 52:7-8, Luke 21:36)

Dear FECAites,

The word emergence is not new to us as believers. It simply means “Rising or to Rise”.

Also, I know you have heard of the word Revival, it means renewal or spiritual awakening. Revival happens when God visits a person or group in love. (1 John 4:10,19)

When we finally stand before God’s judgement throne to receive our eternal rewards and His record books are open. We will know the hours of prayers that were invested by intercessors as they prayed for revival.

Only God knows the extent of the Holy Spirit’s work in stirring and helping men to pray for the revival we now see and record. History tells us of Evan Robert, he was God’s instrument in the launching of the 1904 revival.

Robert began as a boy of thirteen to desire and pray for;

  • God to fill him with His Spirit.
  • To send revival to Wales.

He made these prayers continuously until God began an international wave of revival in Wales – Through him.

Friends, the prosperity of a chapter rests on the shoulders of praying men (Isaiah 62:6-9). The means through which we receive grace from God is in abundance of good and heartfelt prayers. (Hebrews 4:16)

When God designs to favour a people, he causes them to pray, then the people will experience these four blessings;

  • Mercy
  • Salvation
  • Deliverance
  • Provisions

FECAites are God’s watchmen in the Nation’s and Chapter’s wall, set by God himself for one responsibility; To pray, day and night, relentlessly.

To remain as watchmen, we must be willing, alert, and faithful to our personal and corporate routines of Prayers. (Mark 1:35)

God desires that in this season we pray continuously not just for things, but remain in the throne of Grace day and night, never fainting, for our chapters, Zones, regions and FECA Nigeria at large.

Like Moses lifted up his hands and kept it steady. Let our prayers be steady as our hands remain lifted and heads faced towards heaven when we do not faint, till we obtain victory like Moses did (Psalms 34:4-5)

Let us Pray, if we will see God’s mercy at work in our midst. Let us hold the horns of the altar, if we will see unbelievers turn to God in our meetings. We must pray if we will experience deliverance in our gatherings.

If our goal is fruitfulness and multiplication, then we must not take lightly the subject of prayers, personally and as people.  

Arise, emerge as God’s Man, Pray!!!

Let us pray:

Take out time alone and ask the Lord for the Spirit of Grace and supplication upon you, your chapter, zone, region and FECA Nigeria. (Zechariah 12:10)

Have the best experience of praying continuously.

God’s Grace!

Your brother in labour,

Bassey Offiong

National Prayer secretary