THE QUEENLY PRIEST (Revelations 5:10, 1 Peter 2:5&9)

To my dearly loved sisters,

God has began a beautiful journey with us and he don’t intend to stop, until we look like Christ.

      In our journey of becoming PURE BREEDS, women that are original, pure ,genuine, Carriers of pure content and the full traits of and character of God. Without contamination, compromise and unclean content, being the full image and likeness of God (women that are wholistic), we most take our PRIESTLY and QUEENLY position. Priesthood and Queenship is part of our function, responsibility, duty, our job description in becoming like Christ.

       Genesis 1:26, God made us in his image and likeness(speaks of our breed). The way to understand and lubricate this is through our priesthood.  “Let them have Dominion ….. It is a kings that dominate, rule and reign. This also speaks of our Queenship. Our Priesthood makes us have the image of God and our Queenship makes us have the Dominion of God in our sphere of influence. We become valuable, fruitful and productive in the spirit and human realms.

       In the course of this quarter (January to March) and as we begin the new year we will be gaining root downwards and bearing fruits upwards. We will be extensively discussing THE QUEENLY PRIEST (Revelations 5:10, 1Peter 2:5&9). It is a journey of becoming like Christ, Join in….

JANUARY: PRIESTHOOD (1Peter 2:5&9, Exodus 19:6, 28:1, Hebrew 4:14-16)

God is raising a kingdom of priest, we are priest after the order of Jesus. After the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus we all gained access to the linage of Priesthood where we interface with God and mediate for men. Priesthood is a office we occupy.

Who is a Priest?

A Priest is someone that has been selected of the Lord, consecrated into him and given a responsibility to stand as an intermediary between God and man. He offers sacrifices on the altar and ensure the fire never goes out.Priesthood is an office (Exodus 28:1). There are requirements to fit into offices.

Duties of a Priest (1Peter 2:5)

You also as lively stones, are built up a spiritual house, a holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices that are acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.

  1. A priest offers sacrifices, burns incense before the Lord.
  • Prayer : Prayer is a sacrifice. A Priest is delibrate and consistent about his sacrifice of prayer luke18:1. A priest is found consistently in the presence (Pray always). There is no priest without a prayer altar. An intercessor, for the land and for the people.
  • Add wood (The word of God): And the Priest should not be without the word of the Lord. We meditate on his words daily. It is the duty of the priest to put wood consistently and keep the fire burning (Leviticus 6:12-13).  
  • Teacher: Jesus was a Priest in action and in words. As a Priest you to teach the ordinances of God both in words and in action (be a dower). Be a Teaching Priest. Luke spoke of the things that Jesus began to DO and to TEACH (Act 1:1).

FEBRUARY : QUEENLY ATTRIBUTE (Revelations 5:10, Ecclesiastes 8:4)

                God has established us to rule and have dominion.  A Queen maintains an atmosphere of peace and order in a domain for her Priesthood. A Queen enforces the law and ordinances of the kingdom, live and rule by it. We are called to reign and affect our sphere of influence. It is time to take charge , dominate the world and establish the kingdom of God on the earth. A Queen is confident, bold and courageous we are royalty, we live and act royalty, it is the behavior if the kingdom.


  • A Queen is full of virtue (Proverb 12;4, 31:10)
  • A Queen is a model and shows modesty (1 Timothy 2:9, Proverbs 32:25)
  • A Queen speaks Wisdom  (Proverbs 31: 26, Ecclesiastes 8:4)
  • A Queen is a builder (Proverbs  14:1)
  • A Queen is trusted ( Proverbs 31:11)
  • A Queen preserves her dignity and Purity (body, heart and mind). (1 Thessalonians 4:7)
  • A Queen above all Fears the Lord ( Proverbs 31:30)

I am a Queen I am full of virtues ,  I am bold, trustworthy, modest, wise, courageous, I am pure , I fear the Lord. The world cannot resist me. The top is my place, I carry God and I take over.


  • Review on the literature book of study: THE ANNA’S ANIONTING by Michelle Mc clain-walter
  • Question and answer
  • Intensive Prayers and declaration.

I am a fruitful FECAites, fruitful in my journey with God, occupying and carrying out my Priestly and Queenly duties for i am a PURE BREED.

With much love

Maryann Anorue,

National Vice President,