Virtues preserve systems. A system, organization, institution, and nation that would outlast itself is built on virtues that reflect its core goals, vision and beliefs. Any system not built on this premise would produce individuals with a warped ideology and disregard for order but would also fail to stand the test of time.

It is no news that several generations have come and gone with their peculiar challenges, however, one thing stands firm, every generation was guided by a set of values which in turn shaped their perception and attitude towards life. Worry of mention is the popular saying “in my time…”. Hardly would you find an older person who would hold a conversation without chipping in “in my time” to express displeasure over a current trend in society. Something Gen-Z finds rather annoying, sometimes.

The ambience with which this phrase is held up only leaves one wondering what has changed and how life was lived in times past. It furthers begs the question of what went wrong, what should be done to correct the ills and if there was a gap in the transference of the same virtues they speak so highly of. These questions gain credence given the current state of the nation. Morality is perpetually “in the mud”, vices are quickly becoming the norm, coupled with the unrest and hardship plaguing the land, it is safe to assume that the few who have chosen to remain patriotic are quickly growing weary. Yet, this begs another question, what then is the fate of the next generation?

You may want to opine that this generation should play an active role in filling the gap by upholding the truth but what then is the truth? The endless “in my time” or counterculture? And if there is a truth to be upheld who should drive this process? Truth is defined as a judgment, proposition, or idea that is true or accepted as true. To uphold the truth is therefore defined as to maintain, affirm, or defend against opposition or challenge. It means to give moral support or inspiration. No doubt the state of affairs of the nation leaves little or no room for faithfulness yet it behoves us to maintain that which we have believed to be true.

Are there individuals and or institutions who are yet to succumb to the pressure of giving up? Well, though it may seem not, I believe you do know of a few yet to bow. Worthy of mention is the FEDERATION OF COLLEGES’ EX STUDENTS’ CHRISTAIN ASSOCIATION, FECA. Founded in the year 1990 in Federal Government Girls College, Calabar by 10 girls and driven by a desire to keep in the path of righteousness, FECA runs with a vision to; be a source of encouragement in faith to youths and students of institutions of learning, reach out to the unsaved with the gospel, unite and follow up born again ex-students of schools in Nigeria, and to positively influence society as the redeemers of the desolations of our land (Nigeria) and generation.  

To meet her objectives, FECA organises several programs carried out at the grassroots by her member chapters across Nigeria. One of such programs is her New Nigeria Project, an annual outreach program to youths to encourage patriotism. The aim of this year’s New Nigeria Project with the theme UPHOLDING THE TRUTH is to raise men and women who would stand for Christ in all sectors of our nation. Hence, raising up FECAites/individuals who would uphold the truth in all areas of influence and relevance they find themselves. 

For the past 30 years , an integral part of our makeup as FECAites is our firm belief in our nation, Nigeria which propels us into becoming agents of transformation and so we run yearly with the intent of God for us as a people for our nation. This season, the Lord will have us evolve and be His representatives who are resolved to Uphold the Truth. Upholders of the truth who will choose to stand up against the crowd and assert the principles we are called to live by rather than cower in the face of opposition.

Shedrack, Meschach, and Abednego instead of worshipping strange gods chose to uphold the truth, declaring boldly “…even if He doesn’t save us we still won’t bow”. What conviction they had, ready to give up their life – for us it may be the things that please us, to defend the truth they have believed. This is who God is calling us to become – fearless, bold, active upholders of the truth in a rapidly decaying world.

Yes, the world is getting messier by the day but we have a greater advantage, the help of the Holy Spirit, empowering us to live rightly. So, make up your mind to be an upholder of the truth. Where you find yourself, let your actions be as light shining brightly and pointing men back to the Father.

A new Nigeria is possible when you chose to defy all odds and uphold the truth. It begins with you.